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Gaynes Labs, Incorporated is a full-service, independent testing laboratory specializing in a wide range of testing services including many customized tests that are virtually unavailable anywhere else. Gaynes has been providing testing and evaluation services since 1955. Below is a partial list of what we can do for you. Please browse our website for a more complete description of our services.
• Abrasion Testing
• Accelerated Weathering
• Altitude Testing
• ASTM Testing
• Atmospheric Simulations
• BIFMA Testing
• Bulk Container Testing
• Chemical Resistance
• Coating Testing
• Coefficient of Friction
• Compression Testing
• Container Testing
• Deflection Testing
• DOT Testing
• Drop Testing
• Drum Testing
• Edge Crush Testing
• Environmental Testing
• Flammability Testing
• Flexural Testing
• Furniture Testing
• Hardness Testing
• Humidity Testing
• Hydrostatic Testing
• ISTA Testing
• Izod Impact Testing
• Leak Testing
• Life Cycle Testing
• Load Testing
• Material Evaluation
• Mechanical Testing
• Melt Flow Index
• Package Testing
• Pallet Testing
• Peel Testing
• Performance Testing
• Physical Testing
• Plastic Testing
• Polymer Testing
• Pressure Testing
• Product Evaluation
• Product Testing
• Pull Testing
• Random Vibration
• Medical Device Testing
• Rubber Testing
• Salt Spray Testing
• Sharps Container Testing
• Shear Testing
• Shock Testing
• Temperature Testing
• Tensile Modulus Testing
• Thermal Shock Testing
• UN Hazmat Testing
• UV Exposure
• Vacuum Testing
• Validation of Medical Packaging
• Vibration Testing
• Wind Driven Rain
• Xenon Arc Weatherometer

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Aerial drone photography in Chicago Gaynes Labs is an independent laboratory with expertise in container and package testing, environmental simulations and material & product evaluation. Our experience also includes consumer product studies, package analysis and computerized data acquisition. We do atmospheric simulation, custom fixturing & test programs and life cycle testing. Gaynes Labs provides prompt, comprehensive service to companies ranging from small start-up firms to the Fortune 500 giants. Our staff is widely recognized throughout the industry for their experience, technical competence and total commitment to service. At Gaynes, our objective is to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. You will experience our commitment to service at every step of your relationship with us. Above all, we respect the confidentiality of our work for you. This is a commitment of our entire staff and is at the heart of all our business relationships. Our container and package testing includes the following: incline impact, cobb and dart puncture. environmental conditioning, internal pressure and vacuum testing. Drop testing, static and dynamic compression testing as well as vibration testing including vertical vibration, rotary motion vibration and random vibration testing. The types of packages we have tested include fiberboard boxes plastic and metal drums and pails - plastic and glass bottles jars paper plastic and fabric bags. Also, infectious substance shippers, radioactive material shippers | pallet and bulk load systems including metal plastic and fiberboard. We also test intermediate bulk containers. Gyanes does environmental testing with a large walk-in environmental chamber and walk-in salt fog chamber plus various sizes of vibration and shock equipment as well as environmental chambers for smaller jobs. We test using low and medium as well as high frequency vibration, random vibration and specified pulse shock. High impact shock (MIL-S-901). High and low temperature and humidity simulation as well as salt fog testing are also done. Acceleration testing as well as controlled and random drop tests are done along side altitude simulation, wind driven rain and thermal shock tests. Our material and product evaluation includes plastic testing | fiberboard testing | foam testing | coating testing | rubber testing and wood testing. We also do life cycling | hydrostatic testing | tensile and elongation testing | compression | flexure | impact } brittleness/temperature | bursting strength | density | coefficient of friction | melt index | temperature tests | stress cracking | water absorption | flammability | dart drop | adhesion | ply separation | oil retention | compression set | tear | hardness | abrasion | UV exposure | resin content | fatigue | heat deflection | and shear. consumer product studies include verification of advertising promotional material in relation to operating | electrical \ mechanical or pneumatic performance, ease of assemble | type of material | general capabilities and overall safety. Detailed internal and external are conducted. We have extensive facilities for furniture testing. Gaynes is accredited by: International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), U.S. DOT, UN Hazardous Material Packaging, Defense Industrial Supply Center (DISC) and Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC).